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Why "Ditch Your Binder?"



1. They are heavy, bulky, and completely in-efficient when it comes to couponing. 

2. You'll spend hours organizing and stuffing your coupons in to tiny "baseball card holders" only to be unable to see your coupons when you are shopping in the store. 

3. It seems you can't ever find the coupon you need! You spend hours flipping back and forth, while the binder prongs come loose causing your "baseball card" holders to fall out of the binder. 

4. They don't fit in the grocery cart, and you'll spend your time trying to balance your binder over the grocery cart seat.  

5. Binders are a waste of time!


1. Jenn's Coupon Box Organizers simply put, is a basic filing system for your coupons. But it has plenty of pockets and straps, to carry everything you need while couponing. (Reward cards, scissors, shopping lists, store flyers.) 

2. You decide what categories you need, and simply file your coupons in the categories you have created. There's no more flipping binder pages back and forth in the store, to find the coupon you need. Simply turn to the category, and pull out  your coupons! This system will save you hours upon hours of time while organizing and shopping with your coupons. 

3. A Jenn's Coupon Box Organizer is 14.5" wide, and each row inside is 7" wide, meaning you don't have to fold your coupons anymore. (Coupons inserts and printable coupons are 7" wide.) You simply file your coupons, which means it's easy to locate your coupons when you need them; whether you are filing your new coupons, looking for them in the store, or cleaning out your organizer and throwing away expired coupons... This system is just easier!

4. Jenn's Coupon Box Organizer is extremely light-weight, especially since you are no longer carrying unnecessary "baseball card holders." When you carry a Jenn's Coupon Box Organizer you are only carrying your organizer, your category cards, your coupons, and any other items you feel are necessary. No more breaking your back!

5. Jenn's Coupon Box Organizers fit in the "baby seat" of any standard grocery cart, as well as CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens carts. How do I know? I measured the cart, prior to designing this organizer. 

6. Did we mention you can personalize your organizer with our organizer accessories? (Strap wraps, ID Tags, and Swag Pins.)

7. Suddenly couponing will be easier and faster than ever before, and not only will you save valuable time, but you'll also save more money with your coupons!