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When you purchase this item, you are only purchasing the organizer bag itself. 

Please note: This organizer does NOT automatically come with plastic category cards and labels. They can however be added to your cart at checkout.  I have made this change to make this organizer more affordable for everyone. While my plastic cards are industructable and will last forever, you can use paper or cardstock to achieve the same effect. 

Jenn's Coupon Box Organizer

  • Made for “Coupon Enthusiasts” or people with 1-2 binders worth of coupons.
  • Zipper and Elastic pockets for Easy Organization.
  • Mesh zipper under pocket.
  • Durable Top Shoulder, Side, and Top Straps.
  • 8 ½” x 14 ½” in size.
  • Plenty of room for Pens, Scissors, Staplers and Other Couponing Items.
  • Double Stitching for Superior Durability.
  • Reinforced Edging.
  • Four separate compartments that measure 7”L x 4” W x 5” H made with these dimensions so that you no longer have to fold your coupons.
  • Fits in the grocery cart seat of standard shopping, as well as CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens shopping carts.
  • Made to be paired with our plastic category cards that are virtually indestructible.

Jenn’s Coupon Box Organizers are a great alternative to coupon binders, and are designed for “Coupon Enthusiasts” or those Coupon users with more than a handful of coupons. Our organizers hold 1-2 binders worth of coupons, without all the added weight associated with coupon binders. Our organizers make coupon shopping easier, faster, and more efficient, which means you can save more money in less time! 

When purchasing this item you understand the following:

Customized orders are charged to credit/debit card paying customers at the time of customer order acceptance to ensure availability of funds. Entering your payment information indicates your approval of this order. Customers agree to and understand the following: to pay any sales or use tax; no returns or allowances without prior written approval by our company; no credits will be issued for returned merchandise without our consent; merchandise becomes customer property at the time it is accepted by the shipping carrier. Delays of merchandise caused by the shipping carrier are the responsibility of the carrier. Delivery times vary per product from 48 hours up to 2 weeks, depending on the shipping method chosen. If you need your order quickly, it is up to you as the customer to choose the appropriate shipping method. We are not responsible if you have very few coupons and find this organizer too large for your needs. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer, unless the error was caused by "Jenn's Coupon Box Organizers". 



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  1. Absolutely LOVE It!

    Posted by Kasey McCalment on 19th Jun 2017

    I have purchased three of these so far. One for me, two as gifts. The binders just don't work for me. They take too much time to organize, they are bulky and inconvenient in the store, they can be expensive to start with. I know the cost of Jenn's Coupon Box Organizer initially seems very expensive. But I've learned from experience, if it's not easy, if it's not going to save my time and sanity, I won't use it. Nothing could be easier than these organizers. Nothing I've tried is more time efficient. It adapts to your needs and your style. Be as detailed or as streamlined as you wish, this organizer works for you! I stopped couponing for a few years because I couldn't find a better way than the binder method and I hated binders! Finding Jenn's site has been a game changer. It truly is, in my opinion, the best system out there!

  2. Perfect sizw

    Posted by April Forbes on 19th Dec 2016

    Love the bag. The only thing I wish is that the bag had longer carry straps.

  3. Can you say quality?

    Posted by Craig wood on 18th Nov 2016

    I ordered this product because there isn't any other products capable of filling this niche market! What I got is the most amazing quality coupon bag available! Yes this is a pricey bag but it's the one and only product available and is made to perfection! They used the best materials available and thought of everything! It's double stiched with high quality zippers and fasteners. I am so impressed how well made it is! It was worth every penny I spent and more. I am a male couponer and wanted something that wouldn't embarrass me to carry around my coupons and boy is this it! I'm the envy of every woman in the grocery store! It fits the crazy amount of coupons I carry at all times. I can find which one I'm looking for in seconds due to the design and the way I modified mine with mini folders. I can't say enough about this bag! Don't use a binder to have to lose! Binders drop coupons out constantly and you can't find one your looking for without a table. So spend the extra money on the one and only best coupon bag made! After all we spend hours to cut and organize coupons to save lots of money cause that's what coupons are about. If you waste your hard earned money on products that don't work it's money you've wasted! Not to mention the hundreds of dollars you've saved using coupons! Mechanics but the best (and most expensive) tools available because it makes their job easier and faster! This is your tool to save money so don't get cheap and regret wasting money on a product you throw away in no time. The best purchase I've made!! I love my coupon bag!

  4. Key to Organization!!

    Posted by Paige Divins on 8th Aug 2016

    Before this product, I used a binder. Once I started diving deeper into the coupon world and had to have multiple copies and some coupons honestly were just too big for baseball card holders- I knew I needed to find a better solution! This was that solution. I love all the extra pockets everywhere, and the velcro. Great solution for anyone who takes couponing serious.

  5. Coupon Organizer

    Posted by Patty on 28th May 2016

    I love the organizer so much better than a coupon binder!!!! I was forever having stuff fall out of my binder. I have no problems with that with the organizer. I will never go back to a binder and I would recommend this to everyone that coupons. My daughter and I both have one. :)

  6. I ditched my binder

    Posted by Danielle on 9th May 2016

    I've been eyeballing these for a very long time and finally bought one...I am a huge couponer ( purchase multiple sets per week) and decided to get the 2014 version for the added size...so far I am very happy with this change...I cannot tell you how many times I ripped the plastic or accidentally dumped my binder...I was able to use the same basic filing system that's familiar to me but keep it neater and no like coupons get separated during clean out time...at the moment I am using the envelope method to separate between the plastic dividers and it is serving the purpose but I plan on upgrading to something a little more durable soon in place of the envelopes as they are getting a little beat up since my bag is jam packed (so glad I got the bigger one cuz I could honestly use a tad more room) I was only able to finally purchase this since this version was cheaper and there was a weekend discount code...if these were a little cheaper id purchase one of the newer ones to keep my food q's...all in all I am so happy I made the switch tho...I've had no problems and several successful trips already! Love jenns coupon box!

  7. love this bag!

    Posted by Beth on 13th Mar 2016

    This bag nakes couponing so easy!! I tried all different methods and this is the absolute best! You can see everything at one glance. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about coupons!! Great product!

  8. This coupon organizer is AWESOME!!!!

    Posted by Jennifer Ellis on 26th Sep 2015

    I bought an organizer here a few years ago, and it started falling apart, probably from all the coupons that were in it!! But I recently ordered another one, and I love how durable this one is!!! I loved my first one, but this one is even better!!!! I love having it so easy and simple to find my coupons, and I absolutely love how the new one is SO DURABLE!!! I have hundreds of coupons in it at one time, and it's strong enough to carry it all with ease!! Thank you so much!!! I just wish I would have got it with the discount that's going on right now!! Lol!! That's OK, because it was totally worth every single penny!!! Thanks again

  9. Wonderful product

    Posted by Alisha Thomas on 31st Aug 2015

    I am very impressed with my box. It was exactly as described, it was delivered in a timely manner, and it is convenient and MUCH easier to organize than my binder. I have handed out a few business cards, and given many speechs in regards to the box (everyone is very impressed upon seeing it!)

  10. Time Saver!!

    Posted by Jan on 31st Aug 2015

    I love the Jenny Coupon Organizer because I don't have to worry about cutting them exactly right and fitting them into baseball card holders. The harder part is that the dividers were slipping and the coupons were getting mixed up. I just started putting envelopes in front of each divider and that made it easier. I started lining up all of my coupons and cutting them at once as soon as I get them. This has saved me a TON of time. There is plenty of room for scissors and a calculator. Pockets for the coupons I pull out to use in the store, and I just fold my weekly ads and lay them on top. This is worth every dime (especially since I bought it with money that I got back from my rebate apps!)

    Note from Jenn: Hi Jan. I'm so happy you are enjoying your organizer. Just a tip though.. Fill up each section, one at a time and use any remaining space to hold your wallet etc. You won't have that problem anymore. Hope that helps and thanks again. Enjoy! -Jenn

  11. Awesome organizer

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jun 2015

    This organizer worked great! It was way easier than the binder I was using before.

  12. Durable and very organized

    Posted by Alyssa M. on 29th May 2015

    I absolutely love my new cloupon box! It's durable and sturdy enough to hold all my coupons plus more! I like all the pockets that I can put thinks in i.e. scissors, coupons I'm using and store reward cards! I'm ocd when it comes to organizing my coupons and this is awesome for that!

  13. Best Organizer Ever!!

    Posted by Carolyn on 9th May 2015

    My friend & I luved the 1st coupon organizer so much we ordered a 2nd when we heard the shop is closing. We never want to be without one!


    Posted by Megan Youness on 22nd Mar 2015

    My husband and I are big "couponers". However, our coupon stash was a mess! I saw Jenn's coupon boxes months ago but it wasn't until I was completely fed up that I purchased it. I REGRET not doing so months ago. I LOVE IT. People ask me about it in the store all the time. I am so happy and shopping is such a pleasure. When there are sales that I didn't know about, I can now find the coupons easily to maximize savings. It is extra sturdy, and my wallet, keys and phone all fit in the handy pockets. I have a place for extra clips, pen and notepad. Unfortunately I can't post a picture because my husband is at the store with it right now! Thanks so much!

  15. great

    Posted by Alejadra on 2nd Mar 2015

    I loved this. It's so easy to use when you are out and about. It's great because our cvs sometimes doesn't have shopping carts and the straps make it super easy for carrying it on your shoulder like a purse instead of trying to hug my binder.

    The only thing I did not like was that the description said it fit into the cvs cart.
    It does not fit into my walmart cart or the cvs cart. so while I did ditch my binder and it's super easy to sort through I'm still stuck with balancing it just right in the cart so it's not toouch of a weird angle. Maybe our carts are different I don't know.

    Comment from Jenn:
    Thank you Alejadra for your purchase and review. These organizers are meant to sit on the rails of the grocery cart seat, as they are 14 1/2" (side to side) x 8 1/2" (back to front). I measured CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid grocery carts prior to creating this organizer, and they are 15" across. Unfortunately if I made the organizer smaller in order to have it fit in the actual seat of the cart, that would mean the organizer would only hold half the coupons that it does now. If you are having a lot of trouble, I recommend placing a purse or jacket beneath the organizer in the grocery cart to steady it. I hope this helps. Thanks. -Jenn

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