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Assembly Instructions



Once you receive your organizer, you will need to take a moment to assemble it. But don't worry, this will only take you a quick second, and you'll be on your way to organizing and shopping with your coupons in a much easier and more efficient way!

Please follow the below instructions to set up your organizer:

1. Remove your "Jenn's Coupon Box Organizer" from its decorative plastic bag. 

2. Ensure you have the following pieces, and they are included with your organizer. (Beginning in June 2014, each organizer will personally be inspected by Jenn herself.)

a. Organizer bag shell.

b. Organizer solid bottom insert.

c. Organizer inside snapable divider.

d. One shoulder strap. 

3. Unfold and unzip the organizer. Place the solid organizer bottom insert inside the organizer shell. Push down hard, so the bottom insert sits firmly in the bottom of the box, or insert shell. 

4. Take out the organizer center divider. Ensure you place the insert so the long ends run side to side, and the shorter ends run front to back. The rough edge should be facing the bottom of the bag, and finished edge facing the top of the bag. Attach the divider pieces by snapping the divider in to place with the (3) snaps on each side. Ensure you hold on to the side of the opposite side of the bag, while securing the snaps. 

5. Your organizer will stand up straight and has been assembled. 

6. Attach your shoulder strap, by clipping it on both sides of your organizer. 


7. If you ordered category cards- Unwrap your black plastic category cards. You will have (26) category cards. If you ordered labels--Take out your category card labels. Peel and stick your category card labels to your category cards. 

(If you don't like our categories, then you can use any standard labels to create the labels that work for you! Organize your coupons by category, by brand, by grocery store aisle, it's entirely up to you how you organize your coupons!!) Regardless, place your category labels on the left, right, or middle of the category cards. (Wherever you like.) You choose where you place the labels. Just be sure to place your category labels close enough to the top of the category cards, that you can see the labels "peak" out from behind your coupons and subcategory envelopes.

Please note: if you are later not happy with your categories; change them up!! You can purchase a pack of plain white labels for $.99 at any office supply store!

*We recommend purchasing extra packs of category cards, so you can create even more coupon categories. You can however use envelopes to create subcategories if you like. 

8. There are many ways to create sub-categories within you organizer. You can purchase plain white 3" 3/4 x 6 1/2" envelopes and label them individually, or create mini-folders out of cardstock. Do what works best for you!

9. Once you create all your categories and subcategories, begin filing your coupons! Re-arrange your subcategories as you feel it is necessary. Do what works for you! There is no wrong way of organizing your coupons!