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About Jenn



Jennifer Jewett or "Jenn" is the creater and designer of "Jenn's Coupon Box Organizers," a sole proprietorship, woman owned, veteran owned business. 

Jenn was raised in Stowe Vermont and recently retired from the United States Air Force where she achieved the rank of E-7/MSgt.  Jenn has traveled the world while in the Air Force and has been stationed in Orlando FL, Vogelweh AB in Germany, Whiteman AFB in Missouri, Andrews AFB in Maryland, in Las Vegas Nevada, at Randolph AFB in Texas, Ramstein AB in Germany, and she now lives in Lithia Florida. Jenn has earned both an Associates of Arts in Baking and Pastry, and a degree in Culinary Arts from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Tampa. She has also earned two additional AAs, a BS in Business Management, and a Masters in Business Administration. Most earned while serving in the United States Air Force. 

How were "Jenn's Coupon Box Organizers" first created? Jenn started couponing and like many coupon users, began using a coupon binder filled with baseball card sleeves/holders to store her coupons. Very soon after, Jenn purchased a second 3" coupon binder. Soon Jenn found it impossible to not only lug her coupon binders into the store, but to also find her coupons! Often it would take Jenn three or more hours to shop with her binder, which obviously was an inconvenience! 

Jenn then discovered the box system, which she found much more efficient, as it better suits her needs. Unable to find an alternative, Jenn created her first box organizer out of an ugly plastic Rubbermaid tub, only to get harassed by other shoppers as they gasped and made sly comments about her coupons. Jenn knew there had to be an easier, more discreet way to shop, so she then began looking for suitable bags and zipper boxes that she could turn into a coupon box. Jenn didn't find one. 

Unable to find an alternative to a plastic tub or shoe box, Jenn then transformed a simple fabric storage bin into "Jenn's Coupon Organizers" which meant she had to "tweak" the product to suit her needs. The organizers had some flaws (no pockets, no dividers, no shoulder strap) but they worked temporarily and sold very quickly on both eBay and Etsy.  Noticing that her customers wanted an alternative to "coupon binders" as much as she did, Jenn then decided to mass produce her organizers. 

Now retired from the United States Air Force, Jenn happily operates her business full-time out of her home in Lithia Florida, designing organizers, developing her website, helping customers, and shipping orders on a daily business. 

**Established in November 2011, Jenn has helped over 3500 coupon users in the United States and Europe, as well as nearly 20,000 Youtube viewers, and coupon forum visitors, shop and save money in a much easier more organized way!